Association Management

NJWEA Committee Structure

Much of the work of the NJWEA is accomplished by the Association Standing and Special Committees. These committees serve to bring together in efficient work groups the industry leaders and volunteers who chair and serve and who provide the means by which the NJWEA fulfills its mission.
The organizational framework of the NJWEA and the evolving needs of our members have led to the formation of 32 committees. These generally fall into three groups, Educational, Technical and Management Committees, depending on the primary tasks assigned.

Association Management Committees

Founded in 1915 the NJWEA was the first organization of its kind in the nation and supports WEF by having the largest number of members who are also active members of the Federation. The NJWEA is also a business, operating as a non-profit education organization under the 501:c3 provisions of the Federal Code. The Governing Council of the NJWEA serves as the “Board of Directors” of the Association and utilizes various management committees to conduct the day to day business of the Association. These committees, often working in the background, fill a vital need, ensuring that the Educational and Technical Committees have the resources needed to fulfill the mission of the Association.