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Battle of the Boardwalk Agenda 2018

2018 – Team Schedule – FINAL

Welcome to the PWO/Operations Challenge Committee Home Page


To recognize excellence and professionalism in wastewater treatment, operations, maintenance, laboratory, safety and collection systems personnel. 

Nature of Competition

All teams will compete in all events.  Each event will be judged and scored separately against established criteria.  The scores of all events will be totaled to determine the champion team. 

Five separate competitive events will be held.

a. Pump Maintenance ***NEW DESCRIPTION***: The purpose of this event is to test the skills of a maintenance team to respond to trouble at a sanitary sewer lift station that has resulted in an alarm. A pump trouble alarm was received via the SCADA system at the Operations Control Center. A crew has been dispatched to troubleshoot the alarm. The teams will need to troubleshoot the electrical control panel, troubleshoot and perform routine maintenance on the KSB submersible pump, and restore the pump station to normal operating condition.

b. Collection System: Teams will be required to cut out a section of an 8″ PVC sewer pipe with water flowing through it, drill and install a 4″ service saddle into the replacement pipe, cut and install the replacement section with couplings and program a Hach Sampler.

c. Safety Event: While a facility crew is working one of the workers collapses inside a manhole. The coworker is found at the bottom of a (confined space) lift station unconscious. It is suspected that he/she has been overcome with an unknown gas or lack of oxygen due to a worn 4″ check valve gasket in the station. The inplant rescue/repair team is immediately called to the scene.Two members of the team will enter the confined space, resue the downed worker and repair the check valve.

d. Process Event: Teams will perform two events for process control: a written test and process simulations on a computer. These will occur simultaneously. Each team will have a laptop provided at their table with the simulator softwear ready for login. Written tests will be distributed as well. For the duration of the event teams can work on both the simulator and written test to earn points.

e. Laboratory: Analyzing and determining alkalinity and ammonia values as prices control tools for operation of aerobic wastewater treatment plant.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Operations Challenge: Battle of the Boardwalk Coordinator

Katherine Collinge


2018 Battle of the Boardwalk Flyer

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