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March 1, 2016 Tech Transfer Go Green Handouts

Under Pressure – Pumping and Force Main

Operation, Maintenance, and Repair

Moderators: Louis C. Lambe, Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission

                          Joseph Polomene, P.E., Sherwood Logan & Associates



Predictive Models Based on Force Main Condition Assessment

Jennifer Steffens, P.E., Pure Technologies US Inc.

Phone (404) 751-5060



“Short Lessons in Odor & Corrosion Control”

Seth Hepner, Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC

Mobile: (302) 275-4068



Pigging of Pressure Mains

Michael Trevorah, Montauk Services Inc.

Phone: (201) 632-8893



Submersible – Immersible – Dry Pit Submersible Considerations

Scott Hansen, Dave Heiner Associates

Mobile: (862) 254-0662



“Force Main Valve Applications”

Fred Haines, Harper Haines Fluid Control, Inc.

Phone (203) 693-3740



O&M On Long-Large Diameter Force Mains In A Sub-aqueous Environment

William T. Suchodolski, P.E., Engineering Manager, OCUA

Phone (732) 269-4500, Ext. 8333



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