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The Information Technology (IT) Committee is charged with maintaining the computers and telecommunications equipment required to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data as part of the Association’s business activities. Additionally the committee is responsible for the computer networks and information distribution technologies such as telephones, audio/video equipment, computer hardware, software, electronics and internet services including website development, e-commerce, social media and all other web based services.

  • Committee Chair: James De Block, E-mail:
  • Vice Chair: Joseph Bonaccorso, E-mail:



Audio Visual:

  • Robert Sokolowski, Chair, E-mail:

Social Media:

  • Francis Bonaccorso, Chair, E-mail:
  • Ray Jimenez
  • Humbertt Mortola
  • Sorin Astalus


  • Robert De Block, Chair, E-mail:


  • Joseph Bonaccorso, Chair, E-mail:
  • James De Block

Go-To-Meeting Coordinators

  • Amy Shallcross
  • Patrick Witt
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